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Asia Agrobiodiversity Conference  

Asia Agrobiodiversity Conference

22-25 September 2015| Shimla, India
Call for Partnership and Sponsorship
Call for Papers, Posters & Presentations
XL-Confenrence   Side Event in COP11
UN Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD)

International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India
10 October 2012 | 18:15 - 19:45 Hours

Part-I: Conservation of Agrobiodiversity in Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area: Experiences from Field (Presentation)
– by Grassroots Institute and Director Great Himalayan National Park

Part-II: WHOSE BUSINESS, WHOSE PARTICIPATION: Can the indigenous people find due space in ABS negotiations? (Panel Discussion)
- by Grassroots Institute and Academy of International Studies

Participation For Discourse

The Grassroots Institutes takes active part and role to discourse on emerging issues and problems and hence papers, deliberations, presentations and perspectives are shared with wide range of audience in various workshops, conferences, seminars, symposia and meeting organized internationally and nationally. Read More
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