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Many Asian countries have evolved voluntary sector which intervenes in variety of methods addressing diversity of areas/themes. Despite excellence of outcomes and impacts, the human resources at NGOs lack adequate and desirable capacities of varied nature. These gaps further widen when older people replace the new generation of personnel and professionals.

Grassroots Institute was created with the mandate of building the capacities of grassroots organizations and people on multiple themes. Over last 7 years of its existence the team at Grassroots Institute has observed that large number of grassroots organizations from Asian countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Lao, Vietnam, Yemen, Maldives, etc. wish to take part in the open trainings organized by Grassroots Institute. But they are unable to take part in those trainings because of their poor affordability of international expenses and denial of visa by embassies. Therefore, many aspiring small but good organizations and its personnel remain deprived of benefiting from valuable knowledge and skills which they could otherwise use back home. Conclusively, the same is true when the organizations like to access the trainings in the country outside their own. Thus there is complete blockade of the flow of learning opportunities, knowledge, skills and field experiences from one country to the other in Asia region. Many rare experts, practitioners and academics wish to impart their knowledge, experiences, expertise and skills to personnel/ people of organizations in the countries other than their own. But due to fewer platforms providing opportunities to such experts, practitioners and academics, they are unable to do so.

With the above backdrop and with the objective of capacity building of development organizations, the Grassroots Institute is committed to create an international platform, Capacity Building Network Asia (CBNA) at Asia level.


With the participation and involvement of country coordinators and partners, the network mandates to undertake the following routes to build the capacities of grassroots organizations, action groups, government agencies, donors & support agencies, etc.: 1. Open Training 2. Customized Training 3. Workshops and Conferences 4. Study Tours and Exchange Visits 5. Manuals and Reference Materials 6. Best Practices and Case Studies 7. Collaborative Research For example, a training package “Advocacy for Accountable Governance and Policy Advocacy” is organized in different countries with local modifications. The package and the resource persons remain the same. For each training event or other CB activity to be organized in each country, a country coordinator organization takes care of the registration of potential participants and necessary logistics. Other partners of the network assist/help the country coordinator in raising the funds (to cater the subsidy fellowships to needy participants) and in inviting the participants for the event or activity.

CBNA will primarily focus on the following themes of Natural Resources and Environment sector:
  • Theme.1: Biodiversity Conservation
  • Theme.2: Forest and Natural Resources
  • Theme.3: Sustainable Agriculture
  • Theme.4: Food Security & Sovereignty
  • Theme.5: Right to Food & Water
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